DCAI Associates:

On the 15 th day of April in 1963 an historic Victorian residence became the new offices of Dewey Crowder Associates.

Mr. Crowder’s announcement reads as follows:

C. Dewey Crowder, A.I.A. – Architect – Engineer – Announces the opening of offices for the practice of Architecture & Allied Engineering practice to be under the name Dewey Crowder Associates, 253 St Anthony, DeTonti Square, Mobile, Alabama, 432-6632 April 15 1963

By the time I was invited to join his firm in 1981, Mr. Crowder had a well established network of local and international associates and an impressive list of design projects located all over the world.

Mr. Crowder had a natural ability to envision a project, knew who the associates should be to make the project successful, direct the project from conceptualization to construction, and then some.

I drive through the DeTonti Square Historic District on occasion and took a photo of the office (on 19 March 2009).

worked with Architect Dewey Crowder in former office  Mobile AL on Twitpic

Mr. Crowder’s office was on the first floor to the right of the front porch.  I worked from a drafting table in the drafting room on the 2nd floor, directly above his office. (The second window from the left.)

It was in that drafting room where I worked along side of Dewey Crowder and Howell Cobb (one of the original Principal Architects of Dewey Crowder Associates) and other professionals who taught me quite a lot about architecture and networking with international associates.

Fond memories.

Care to share your memories too?

Respectfully yours,

Girard Frank Bolton, III.


Dewey Crowder touched the lives of many people.

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The following is an excerpt of a Dewey Crowder Associates International brochure. It has been modified for use on the internet. Copies of the original brochure will be available at a later date.

Please note that Dewey Crowder Associates International exists only in archives and does not currently offer architectural or any other services.



Spanish Plaza



THE FIRM – Dewey Crowder Associates International (DCAI) is a well established professional design firm based in Mobile, Alabama.

Utilizing the talents, education and experience of a closely knit permanent office team, the firm works with Associate Design Professional and Technical Consultants to offer diversified services in all parts of the world.

The firm provides comprehensive services in all phases of Architecture, Engineering and Planning. Consultation and Special Services are available in Historic Restoration, Town and Urban Planning, Land Use Analysis, Theme Park Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and Graphics, Financial Consultation is provided in feasibility studies, economic analysis, marketing and project financing.

PHILOSOPHY – Since its formation in 1962 Dewey Crowder Associates International has committed itself to bring to every project, regardless of size, the finest talent, latest technology, and greatest economies.

Individual attention, so necessary to the creation of original, imaginative designs, is insured by the commitment of the firm to excellence in every aspect of its services.

The philosophy of DCAI is that coordinated care in planning, excellence in design and precision in engineering result in the finest quality construction, with greatest benefit to each client.

DCAI Library is a Work in Progress

DCAI Library is a Work in Progress